Analysis of market status and development trend of global LED lighting industry in 2018

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                    Analysis of market status and development trend of global LED lighting industry in 2018

Analysis on the current market situation of global LED lighting industry in 2018

Policy continued good, product penetration rate continued to improve

In order to improve energy efficiency, protect the environment and cope with global climate change, as the most advantageous new high-efficiency energy-saving lighting products, LED lighting products are the world's key products to promote energy-saving lighting.Previously, the market penetration of LED lighting products has been at a low level due to their higher prices compared with traditional lighting products.As countries around the world is becoming more and more attention to energy conservation and emissions reduction, the LED lighting technology and price as well as developed countries fell cutoff to ban incandescent lamp, the promotion of good policy background, the LED lighting products LED lighting products permeability, global LED permeability in 2017 reached 36.7%, a 5.4% rise in 2016, the forecast will rise to 42.5% in 2018.

Affected by the economic and market downturn, industry demand remains weak

Under the implementation of the concept of global energy conservation and environmental protection and the support of industrial policies of various countries, the global LED lighting market has maintained an overall growth rate of more than 10% in recent years. In 2017, the global LED lighting industry scale was 55.1 billion usd, with a year-on-year growth of 16.5%.However, compared with previous years, the growth rate has slowed down, mainly due to the decline in the terminal price of LED lighting products and the decline in the stock of products that need to be replaced in the market.

In 2018, the global LED lighting market growth momentum is weak, from the point of the regional economic performance, in addition to the U.S. economic recovery is strong, affected by exchange rate and the uncertainty factors, negative pressure of many emerging economies are facing recession, including India, Turkey, Argentina and other regions are present crisis of market volatility, thereby reducing the growth of the domestic market, under the overall economic uncertainty, as people's livelihood needs product lighting market also presents the terminal cargo weak phenomenon.

The scale of LED lighting market in Europe continues to grow, reaching usd 14.53 billion in 2018, with a year-on-year growth rate of 8.7% and a penetration rate of over 50%.Among them for commercial lighting spotlights, filament lamps, decorative lights and other growth momentum is the most significant.

U.S. lighting companies all had strong revenue performance, with the majority of revenue coming from the U.S. market.Costs are expected to be passed on to consumers as a result of tariffs and higher raw material prices due to a trade war between China and the United States.

Southeast Asia is gradually developing into a very dynamic LED lighting market. Thanks to the rapid economic growth, large infrastructure investment and large population, there is a great demand for lighting.LED lighting penetration in the Middle East and Africa is rapidly increasing, and the future market potential is still to be expected.

Analysis on the development trend of global LED lighting industry in the future

In 2018, the global economy is in turmoil, many countries are in economic downturn, market demand is weak, and the growth momentum of LED lighting market is flat and weak. However, under the background of continuous favorable energy conservation and emission reduction policies of various countries, the global LED lighting industry penetration rate is still improving.

In the future, with the continuous development of lighting energy-saving technology, the leading role of traditional lighting market is being transformed from incandescent lamps to leds, and the wide application of new generation of information technology such as Internet of things, next generation Internet and cloud computing, smart city has become an inevitable trend.In addition, from the perspective of market demand, emerging countries in southeast Asia and the Middle East have strong demand.It is predicted that the global LED lighting market will present three development trends in the future: smart lighting, niche lighting and lighting in emerging countries.


Development trend one: intelligent lighting

With the maturity of technology, products and related concepts, it is estimated that the global smart lighting market will reach 13.4 billion usd by 2020.Industry and commerce are the largest application fields of smart lighting. Due to the characteristics of digitalization, smart lighting will bring more new business models and value growth points for these two fields.

Trend 2: niche lighting

Four major niche lighting markets, including plant lighting, medical lighting, fishery lighting and Marine port lighting.Among them, the rapid increase of demand for plant lighting, plant plant construction and greenhouse lighting in the United States and China is the main driving force.

Development trend three: emerging countries lighting

Economic development in emerging countries drives infrastructure and urbanization, and large commercial facilities and infrastructure and industrial construction stimulate LED lighting demand.In addition, the energy conservation and emission reduction policies of various national and local governments, such as energy subsidies and tax incentives, as well as large-scale standard projects such as street lamp replacement, residential and commercial transformation, as well as the improvement of lighting product standard certification, are all promoting the promotion of LED lighting.Vietnam and India are the fastest growing markets in southeast Asia.,




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