LED lamps and energy-saving lamps, which one is more suitable for home lighting?

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LED lamps and energy-saving lamps, which one is more suitable for home lighting?


With the continuous development and popularization of LED lights, our lives have become more convenient. However, many consumers are confused when they choose energy-saving lamps or LED lights. So, which LED lamp is more suitable for home lighting than the energy-saving lamp?


The service life of general LED lamps can reach more than 50,000 hours, and the quality can reach about 100,000 hours. The factors that usually determine the life of a led lamp are both chip and drive. The better the quality, the higher the life. At the same time, the LED lamp does not have the problem of the filament being blown, so the service life is longer.


Compared with LED lamps and energy-saving lamps, LED lamps can be replaced in about five years, and energy-saving lamps need to be replaced in about two years, so LED lamps have a longer service life.


Under the same luminous flux conditions, the LED lamp consumes only 1/10 of the energy of the incandescent lamp and 1/4 of the energy-saving lamp. In home lighting, in general, a 10W LED lamp can be used for about 100 hours, and consumes less power, so it is more energy efficient.


In terms of safety, LED lights are still superior to energy-saving lamps. Energy-saving lamps contain heavy metals, which can cause pollution when the lamp is broken, so there is a safety hazard. The LED lights do not contain harmful metals, which are safe and environmentally friendly.


Compared with LED lights and energy-saving lamps, LED lights are more suitable for home use, but also catch up with the trend of the times. However, be sure to choose a good quality LED light, so that our life is more convenient.



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