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  • 1.1If I want to use solar panel to charge my fan, which kind of panel should I use?

    Home appliance rechargeable fan usually use 6V/9V or above battery, a 9V 5W solar panel is suitable for that.

  • 1.2What kind of battery can be charged by 6V SARODA solar panel? What’s the application range of the solar panel?

    The 6V solar panel can be used to charge 3V-5V battery, like solar flashlight torch, bulb, mobile phone etc.

  • 1.3What’s the STC of SARODA solar cell?

    Irradiance 1000W/㎡, module temperature 25℃, solar spectrum AM=1.5.

  • 1.4What’s the material of SARODA solar cell? / What is the solar panel made of?

    SARODA solar cell is made of polycrystalline silicon.

  • 1.5Which items of LONEN products can be charged by solar?

    Solar LED flashlight series SP01-01/41/42/43/44, most LED camping lantern such as SP05-04/05/24, LED emergency light SP03-05/06 and rechargeable table fan SP06-08/09 etc. Please refer to the instructions on the packaging box.

  • 1.6What’s the disadvantage of integral-type(all-in-one) solar lantern?

    1.Aging accelerating. The product has to be put under the sun’s rays when being charged that will accelerate the aging of the plastic.

    2.Inefficient. Most panel on the products are merely 0.5~1 Watt which is far too small and inefficient to charge. The higher capacity the battery is the longer charging time it will be.

  • 1.7 The right way to use a solar panel to charge your product?

    1. Please let the panel be perpendicular to the sun ray by 90 degree

    2. Best time for charging: 11:30am to 15:00pm in sunny day.

  • 1.8What's the application of LONEN LED flashlight?

    LONEN LED flashlights are perfect for living, working and travelling. Besides, it provides sustainable lighting solutions for families and places where continuous, reliable, stable power needed is. 

  • 1.9How can I buy LONEN flashlight, lamps or lanterns?

    If you're individual consumer, please go to local shops or stores to buy the products;

    If you're retailer or distributor, please find our local agent for product wholesale;

    If you’re international trading importers, please contact us and welcome to be our wholesaler or agent.

  • 1.10Why is LED considered more cost effective than other traditional lighting sources like incandescent lamps, halogen lamps and fluorescent lamps?

    LONEN uses LED as main light source because LED is more energy saving(smaller power wattages), has longer life-span(usually can reach 50000 to 100000 hours), requires less maintenance and doesn't need to be replaced frequently(other light sources are by contrast burnt out more easily).

  • 1.11What's the aim and target of LONEN?

    "LONEN" is the brand of our LED lighting products who is dedicated to introducing innovative end-user-driven and energy-efficient products to consumers. ZIC international will insist to offer rich, new consumer experiences that meet consumers' needs.

  • 1.12What's the average life-span of different light sources?

    Incandescent lamp: 750-2000 hrs. Halogen lamp: 2000-4000 hrs. CFLs: 8000-10000 hrs. LED light: 30000-100000 hrs. 

  • 1.13What are the main features of LONEN rechargeable LED desk lamps?

    If you are looking for LED table/desk/reading lamps with following features, LONEN is no doubt your best choice:

    1.LED/SMD bulbs energy saving, super bright, high lumens (LED qty from 6~40 bulbs, LED type: 3528,5730,5830,5050 etc. )
    2.With power supply cord, stand EU 2 pin round plug. AC110-240, 50/60Hz.
    3.All our desk lamps are rechargeable, use sealed lead acid high capacity battery. Some items are AC/DC available.
    4.Foldable neck or gooseneck, Flexible, compact, space-saving and easy to carry wherever you are.
    5.Some items with radio function, others with cosmetic mirror or night light and modern, innovative design.
    6.New items use light guide plate, no glare, no ghosting, deliver soft light and eye-protected. Your best bedside companion at night.
    7.Each item has 2 or 3 colors mixed in the carton. Competitive price, high quality.

  • 1.14What's the application of LED in lighting field?

    LEDs are widely used in lighting area according to the power and type of them. For instance, low-power LEDs usually can be found in indicator panel of car dashboard or your mobible phones. Middle-power LEDs are applied in exterior lighting of cars, backlighting LCD screens and emergency lights and lamps. High power LEDs are used for illumination like flashlight, car headlights, home lighting, office lighting, street lighting etc. and high lumens LEDs belong to a complete lighting system. LONEN LED lighting devices are mainly for indoor and outdoor illumination use with medium and high power LEDs.

  • 1.15How is LED(light-emitting diode) differentiated from other lamp types?

    LED, short for Light-emitting diode, is a solid-state semiconductor device without gas, filament, glass bulb or any moving part. LED is a two-lead semiconductor light source. It is a basic pn-junction diode, which emits light when activated. When a fitting voltage is applied to the leads, electrons are able to recombine with electron holes within the device, releasing energy in the form of photons.

  • 1.16What’s the standard of LONEN products?

    The standard of LONEN rechargeable LED products is:

    LED Type:

    luminous intensity: 1400-1600 MCD ; Life-span: 50000 hrs

    Plug type:

    Round  & Flat

    Rated Voltage :

    AC  110V ~240V/50-60 Hz

    Recharging time :

    Up to 8~10 hrs

    Operating time:

    4-6 hrs

    Operating Temperature:


    Battery Maintenance:

    Charge fully at least once every  4-6 months

  • 1.17The color of the light from my LED flashlight looks different than the light from the same model flashlight when I shine them on the wall together. Is one LED defective?

    There is nothing wrong with either LED. LED technology produces an unavoidably wide range of tints. The light will always be bluer than an incandescent, and there will be more variation between identical products than with incandescent lamps.

  • 1.18What’s the difference between flashlights with different lumen?

    Flashlight with higher lumens beam carries further and appears brighter light than that with lower lumens beam.

  • 1.19How can I tell when my flashlight is fully charged?

    Follow the guidelines on the package. The recharging time ranges from 8 to 12 hrs. The red light indicates a charged condition.

  • 1.20Are there any repairs I can perform myself?

    No opening the appliance for repairing or cleaning unless you are qualified.

  • 1.21What’s the guarantee of the battery?

    “LONEN” flashlights are equipped with rechargeable batteries, to protect the battery, DO NOT allow batteries to become exhausted. Recharge fully as needed or charge fully at least once every 3 months if not in use for long periods.

  • 1.22How long can the battery be used?

    The rechargeable battery recycles over 250 times.

  • 1.23What’s the different between watts and lumen?

    Watts VS Lumen

    Watts are a measure of power draw. As LED technology improves brightness and power draw diminishes, watts are no longer considered as a suitable brightness indicator. Lumen is a measure of actual output brightness and is generally considered a better gauge.



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